Cryto Exchange

We apply cloud-native technology to support crypto exchanges running 7 x 24. Our engineering team has rich experience in building a secure and highly available exchange with high-frequency support.


Digital Asset Custody

We have created multiple digital asset custody systems capable of managing billions of US dollar worth of user-owned assets from millions of users in a secure manner with the support of real-time deposits, withdraws and account inquiries.


Crypto Brokerage

Part of our work is to create a better platform connecting liquidity from major exchanges. Serving word-leading cryptocurrency brokerage service providers, we have rich experience in order routing, DMA, algorithmic trading and other key brokerage technologies.


DevOps for Fintech

With all critical services built upon public cloud infrastructure, we have the right collection of DevOps tools and workflows to ensure the FinTech services in production are highly available, traceable and cost-efficient.


AI for Custodian

We use deep learning for minimizing the risk of exposing user assets in custodian to any potential attack. The custodian service powered by our AI engine runs well with almost all assets in the safest cold storge.

Big Data

Blockchain Data Analytics

We devevelop infrastructure pipelines to perform blockchain-based data analytics, to detect hacks of digital wallets and money laundering. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate frauds using blockchains and create a safe environtment for crypto.